Student Training Program

վ offers a limited number of student training positions to full-time AUR undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students. Students who participate in this program receive training in various areas of the University in exchange for partial remission oftuition or reimbursement if tuition has already been paid in full. Training hours can range between 10-20 hours a week and are for the academic year. Graduate students are recommended to consider a maximum of 10 hours per week due torigorous coursework.

First year students must complete at least one semester at AUR before applying for a training position, this does not apply to transfer students.

Transfer and returning students who wish to apply or reapply for astudent training positionmust fill out the application below and submit by the due date in order to be considered for a position.

Student training requirements: All awards are limited to students enrolled full-time with a 2.7 cumulative GPA or above, meetingSatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and not defaulted on education loans.

Deadlines: Fall semester: April15th; Spring semester: November 15th