AUR's undergraduate BA in English Writing, Literature, and Publishing is a unique and comprehensive introduction to the professional world of writing and publishing

In an age where the written word is not only surviving but evolving — be it through the resurgence of physical bookstores, the proliferation of specialist publications, or the boom in digital self-publishing — the վ University of Rome's undergraduate BA program in English Writing, Literature, and Publishing is your stepping stone into the modern world of writing and publishing.

Transform your love for the written word into a versatile toolkit. Our English Literature and Publishing degree teaches you how to craft narratives, convey information, and express ideas across both print and digital platforms.

Offering a comprehensive curriculum that bridges the gap between traditional print and contemporary digital media, we equip our students with the nuanced understanding and versatile skills they need to flourish in this dynamic literary landscape.

"The relaxed-chaos of Rome is really energizing, especially for students, while the individual attention you get at AUR is not something you will find in other universities. Working with Professor Colletta on my capstone project, the creation of a children's book, was an enlightening collaboration - one that truly inspired my passion for writing."

AUR Alumnus Rory Rohan Westerman

Spanning the rich tapestry of literary history to the intricacies of publishing in the digital age, the վ University of Rome's Writing, Literature, and Publishing program offers an expansive education in the art and industry of the written word.

Our expert faculty guides students through diverse courses—from creative writing and magazine composition to literary theory and digital publishing—all while incorporating a variety of theoretical and cultural lenses. With a degree in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, you'll be well-prepared to breathe life into compelling stories of all kinds, shaping your own future in this ever-evolving field.


The English Writing, Literature, and Publishing program maintains its own eclectic and stimulating website, ' The Literary Imagination.' All potential students are encouraged to explore this fantastic resource that is full of program information, contributed student content, and updates from the program faculty and alumni.

The Literary Imagination is also home to Remus: The Literary and Art Magazine of վ. Remus is written, edited, and published by AUR students, and the quality of our program is directly reflected in the excellence of the content produced.

Use this link to . You can also click on the Remus cover images below to visit the Remus editions page.

AUR's English Writing, Literature, and Publishing program offers a range of professionalizing writing & publishing opportunities

English Writing, Literature, and Publishing majors have outstanding opportunities to gain real-world learning experience both through direct content production and through opportunities to intern with leading publications and publishers. A few recent examples include:

  • Writing, editing, and producing REMUS: The Literary and Art Magazine of the վ University of Rome.
  • Writing, editing, and producing LIT/PUB: The Creative Writing Magazine of վ.
  • Content production and editorial input for Rome's leading English-language publication, Wanted In Rome
  • Gaining experience as journalists, and graduating with published work and a by-line, for newspaper, The Italian Insider.
  • Writing, vodcasting, and social media content production for the Italian Golden Globe Awards.
  • Interning as Communication & Content professionals with 2050 TO PEOPLE, a nonprofit association created to spread awareness and develop projects that focus on environmental and social sustainability.
  • Gaining jounalism and content production experience with The Tupelo Quarterly (the online companion journal to Tupelo Press).

From Rome to New York: Alessandra Potenza's degree has taken her around the world.

Today, Alessandra lives in New York City where she is a science reporter and editor at The Verge, a news website that covers tech, science, and culture. “I owe my journalism career to AUR,” she says. “AUR is just a microcosm of the world. Study here and you’ll be better prepared to live and work in the world of tomorrow.”

AUR Alumna, Alessandra Potenza

Course requirements and further detail

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