Pre-Law Advisor,
Professor Roberto Pirozzi.

Many AUR students are interested in pursuing a career in the law after they finish their degrees, and we want to help you achieve that goal.

Perhaps surprisingly, for some, there is no fixed pre-law curriculum. Law schools accept applicants across the full spectrum of majors, from Fine Arts to International Relations. They certainly like to see strength in the area of your major and a good breadth of other courses.

Remember your resume, which will show your non-academic work and activities. Law schools are interested in the whole person and like to see a commitment to interests and passions.

Some Specific Law-Related Courses at AUR

Many courses touch on aspects of the law, including social and ethical elements. The following is a short list of courses in which a significant amount of content is focused on law of various types:

  • BUS 200 Business Law
  • BUS 302 International Business Law
  • COM 281 Intellectual Property in the Age of Digital and Social Media
  • IA 212 International Law of War and Peace
  • MGT 304 Negotiating Globally
  • TTM 210 Tourism and Hospitality Law

Helpful Site

For further information, contact AUR’s pre-law advisor here.