The recent G7 conference, hosted in the picturesque region of Puglia, Italy, was a significant global event that captured the world's attention. Among the key individuals working diligently behind the scenes was Sara Sellitto (BA Business Administration, 2019), an alumna of the վ University of Rome and the Liaison Officer Coordinator with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sara played an instrumental role in the successful coordination of the G7 summit, ensuring smooth operations and facilitating interactions among the Heads of State. Reflecting on the experience, Sara shared her delight in meeting various world leaders and expressed particular enjoyment of Andrea Bocelli's musical performance. However, her greatest pride lies in her contribution to the seamless conference execution, a testament to her dedication and skill.

Congratulations to Sara and the entire team for orchestrating a successful G7 conference, showcasing Italy's "Bella Figura" on the global stage. We are pleased to share some exclusive photos from the event.

G7 in Italy
G7 in Puglia
G7 group