Attending the entirety of Orientation Week helps you have a successful start at AUR and allows you to meet students, staff and faculty.

Orientation sessions include:

  • Information on your major, course schedule and graduation requirements

  • Enrolling in your classes and using your MyAUR portal to register

  • Workshops and presentations on AUR services, such as housing, financial aid, extracurricular activities, and medical assistance

  • Presentations and social events with program directors, faculty and staff

  • Information on Safety and Security, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, and our Student Conduct, Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

These sessions are for students only and include both daytime and evening activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I register for classes?
New incoming students are pre-registered for courses by the Registrar over the summer and then finalize their class schedules with their advisor during orientation week.An email with pre-registration courses will be sent to you a couple of weeks prior to Orientation Week.

I’m a transfer student. When will I know which credits will be accepted by AUR?
Unless you have officially requested a transfer evaluation, you will be receiving transfer credit information together with your pre-registration a couple of weeks before Orientation Week.

Where should I send my final transcripts? When are they due?
Please refer to theon MyAUR for instructions.

Official high school transcripts forFreshmenare dueAugust 1st.
Official transcripts from colleges forTransferstudents are dueJuly 1st.

Student Visa

I need help applying for my visa. What should I do?
Start by watching the recorded webinar on theon MyAUR. You must also book a mandatory visa prep session with your admissions counselor.

How are the visa and permit to stay related to each other – what is the difference?
An entry visa is the authorization which enables Non EU students to enter Italy. The Permit of stay is the authorization to live in Italy for a stay exceeding 90 days. You must apply for it within 8 working days from your arrival in Italy.The permit to stay cannot be obtainedwithout the student visa.


What happens during Orientation week?
Visit the Orientation Week tabon MyAURfor moreinformation.

Do you have any recommended hotels for accompanying friends or family?
Click hereto view the recommendations.


If I opt for independent housing but am unsuccessful in my search, can I sign up for AUR housing later?
While you can sign up past the deadline, rooms are not guaranteed and you may be placed on the waitlist.

Please refer to theon MyAUR for other questions.

Student Life

What is the permit to stay process?
The process can be found under theon MyAUR. Students do not have to worry about this process untilOrientationWeek, when we will haverepresentatives on campus to help.

Should I get an Italian SIM card?
We recommendobtainingan Italian SIM card to avoid high international fees. The average monthly payment for an Italian phone plan is 15 euros and can include calls abroad and unlimitedgigabytes.

I have a regular prescription I’ll need to have filled in Italy. What should I do to prepare for this?
Please be aware that medications commonly used in the U.S. for ADHD/ADD treatment are not available in Italy. Discuss your plans with your doctor in advance to avoid discontinuing the medication once you are in Italy. They may be able to prescribe medicine for the entire term or suggest the equivalent prescription medicine in Italy.

Both mailing and receiving shipments of stimulants are illegal; shipping these medications from the US to Italy can be charged as a criminal offence.

Finance & Financial Aid

When will bills be sent out?
Starting mid-June,the Finance office will send invoices every Thursday on the basis of the enrollment deposits received.

When will my loans arrive, and how will I be notified?
You will receive a confirmation email outlining your loans, and they will be credited to your student account during the first week of classes. Any excess funds will then be transferred to a bank account of your choice and takes approximately 3-5 business days.

When will I be confirmed for my student training position?
Mid-June. Tutors will reach out to candidates directly.

What is the tuition payment deadline?
July 31st

If I have loans, is my tuition deadline still in July?
The amount you confirm for loans will be deferred until the loan disbursement in the first week of classes.

Should I get an Italian bank account?
We recommend that you first check with your current bank to understand your capabilities while abroad and then decide about opening an Italian account based on your current ease of access and usage abroad.

How will my scholarship be allocated?
Once you submit your signed award letter to financial aid, your scholarship will be credited to your student account and deducted from your tuition balance.

Contacts at AUR

Responsible for: admissions applications, Orientation Week, liaising with agents
Email them

Responsible for: invoices, deposit payments, tuition payments, housing payments and federal loan disbursements.
Email them

Financial Aid
Responsible for:scholarships, federal loan guidance, VA Benefits, and student training
Email them

Responsible for: class registration, transfer credit evaluations,
Email them

Student Life
Responsible for: Housing, Clubs, Sports, and non-academics activities
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