Allnon-ItalianAUR students are requiredby Italian law to have a valid health insurance planfor the duration of their studies in Italy.Typical health plans from the US or other home countries do not cover the requirements.

To facilitate your access to the type of insurance required,westrongly recommend students take advantage of thefavorable terms and comprehensive coverage thatour partnerCISI(Cultural Insurance Services International)has put in place foryou.

The CISI Planhas beendesigned specifically forstudents studying overseas.Not only does the plan provide accident and sickness insurance,but italso coversmental health,medical evacuation, and repatriation as well as security evacuations should they become necessary.
In addition to the above,the AUR student insurance plancovers users for all areas outside the United States andprovidesstudentswith a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service.

US residents, please note:this is NOT a replacement for your home-based comprehensive health insurance. This is a supplement that will cover you while you study in Italy - do not give up any insurance that you already have for coverage in the States.

With 24/7 emergencyoperators standing by, you can consult with CISI on their coverageforpre-existing conditions, emergency repatriation, specialistmedicalvisits, prescriptions, physical therapy, andmore. CISIalsocovers mental health concerns and“Trip Delay”benefits. CISI will even cover the cost to fly a parent or guardian to your current location during ahealth emergency.

Non-European students
We strongly recommend that all non-European students purchase the CISI insurance policy. Other insurance coverage may also be acceptable, but students will be required to produce a certificate from the insurer detailing the conditions of the policy specific to residence in Italy. This certification must also detail any restrictions that the policy might put in place while resident in Italy. Again,depending on your country of originand individual insurance company, the policy you arrive with may not provide adequate coverage in Italy.For your peace of mind and wellbeing, we strongly recommend purchasing the CISI health insurance plan.

European students
While you are covered in Italy through reciprocity with your home country’s national healthcare system, depending on your country of origin this may not provide anadequate level of coverage in Italy. Given the low cost and comprehensive coverageprovided, we strongly recommend that you purchase CISIS insurance.

How to access the CISI insurance plan

  1. Visit - This will bring you toa customized landing page specifically for AUR students.
    Please make sure you use this link to access the comprehensive AUR plan, if you visit the CISI site directly you mayend up purchasing the wrong plan which is not as comprehensive and has US state restrictions.
  2. Read carefully the details of the AUR CISI plan and the Participant Guide
  3. When you are satisfied, click on the "Enroll Now" button at the top of the page and follow the subsequent instructions.