Program Tuition (full time, 3 semesters): 27,400 US Dollars
The tuition fee covers attempted credits required for each respective M.A. program. Any additional attempted credits must be paid for, according to the prescribed fee.

  • Firstsemester: $13,000
  • Secondsemester: $13,000
  • Finalsemester: $1,400

In order to secure admission, a non-refundable deposit of $500is required. The deposit will be credited against the first tuition payment.

Italian Government Requirements for non-EEA/SWISS Citizens (please note the currency!)

  • Permit to Stay: €117,96 (without assistance) / €172,86 (with EduServices)
  • Health Insurance: $60per month, $700 (for 12 months)

The Permit to Stay is required for all non-EEA or Swiss citizens.
Health Insurance is required for non-Italian citizens unless they have their own health insurance valid for Italy.
Health insurance is required for the Visa and Permit to Stay application process.
AUR works with CISI Health Insuranceto assist you in obtaining health insurance that will fulfill your immigration requirements.

Mandatory Fees

  • Application fee: 50 US Dollars
  • Enrollment Deposit: 500 US Dollars
  • New Student fee: 230US Dollars
  • Graduation fee:135 US Dollars

Other Fees

  • Transcript fee: 10 US Dollars
  • Diploma Replacement fee: 67 US Dollars
  • Oral re-examination of the thesis fee: 400 US Dollars
  • Maintaining matriculation fee: 1,000 US Dollars
  • Replacement of Student ID Card: 10 Euros
  • Audit Status (fee per course, 0 credits):550 US Dollars
  • Fee for 1 credit: 810 US Dollars
  • Fee for Italian Language Skills for Graduate Studies: 500US Dollars

Schedule of PaymentsforU.S. citizens and permanent residents andCanadian citizens

Tuition and fees must be paid to the Finance Office according to the terms and conditions scheduled by the University. Registered students are sent a financial statement inclusive of tuition, fees and payment terms for each semester.

  • Enrollment confirmation deposit– 1May or as otherwise stated in the acceptance email
  • First tuition installment– 31July
  • Second tuition installment- 15 December
  • Final tuition installment – 31July