Keelie RixKeelie Rix

Keelie combined her Archeology major with a minor in Fine Arts. She came to AUR from Colorado specifically for the Archaeology degree program and the promise of classes that enhance classroom learning with on-site experiences.After graduating, she earned an MSc degree in Archaeological Materials Science, a joint program between universities in Portugal, Greece, and Italy. Keelie’s master’s thesis, which also served as the basis for her first published article, was a diagnostic of the mural paintings of Almada Negreirosand focused on pigmentstudies. Keelie is now working on a PhD in Barcelona, focusing on the intersection of geoarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology, and archaeological materials science while studying anthropogenic sediments from pastoral sites.

Ana Sofia Pineda MensesAna Sofia Pineda Meneses

Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Ana Sofia chose AUR because it offered a degree program focusing on archaeology.“It was a program that enabled me to explore first-hand archaeological sites and get to know my professors well.AUR also offeredvarious on-site classes as a teaching method, which was a huge advantage for me.” Since graduating, Ana Sofia has earned her MSc in Computational Archaeology from UCL in London, where she specialized in complexity sciences, the use of space, and the simulation of the movement of agents through that space with tools such as ABM modeling. She has also started a PhD program at Sapienza Universita’ di Roma in the Oriental Program. Her work focuses on mobile societies and their adaptation techniques in the southeastern Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

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