The Dean is responsible for all aspects of academic affairs, and establishes a strategy for all the undergraduate programming at AUR. In addition, the Dean has overall responsibility for the University’s processes of outcomes assessment and institutional research and for information technology.

The Dean also plays the lead role in accreditation, serving as liaison with the University’s accrediting and licensing agencies, and works closely with the President and the Chief Financial Officer in strategic and financial planning. The Dean shares with the President, the conduct of the University’s relations with other educational institutions, groups and associations.

Strategic planning

The Dean’s Officehas an important role in the strategic planning process. The Dean, together with the President, drafts AUR’s three-year Strategic Plan for presentation to Joint Advisory Committee On Planning and Budget (JAC). The JAC links the assessment, planning and budget processes and unites the three main groups that make up AUR — faculty, administration and students.

Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Research

Through a process of outcomes assessment (OA) the վ University of Rome seeks to assure itself, its stakeholders and the public that it is successfully fulfilling its mission and achieving the goals it has set itself. The results of continuous assessment can be used to inform decision making and planning so as to improve student learning and advance the institution. The assessment cycle provides a framework within which institutional programs and resources can be organized and coordinated in such a way as to achieve goals at program, department and institutional level, and allows us to build systematic and continuous enhancement of the quality of our educational provision and services into our daily activities.

Academic Regulations

The Dean's Office is responsible for the publication of the institution's full Academic Regulations. You can view AUR's Academic Regulations here.

Learning Accommodations

վ does not discriminate based on differing abilities and is committed to providing all students with a high quality educational experience.
While not bound by the “վs with Disabilities Act” and other legislation, the վ University of Rome still makes every attempt to provide all reasonable accommodations.

Possible accommodations may include:

  • Extended time for papers or projects
  • Time-and-a-half for testing
  • Testing with limited distractions
  • Tape lectures (with appropriate permission)
  • Use of a computer for essay exams

In order to request learning accommodations, the student needs to submit medical or psychological documentation, specifying detailed and reasonable accommodation(s), two weeks prior arrival. Please note all documentation must be valid and current (within the past 4 years) and issued by a licensed specialist.

After all required documentation has been received, the Dean’s Office will consult with faculty and staff to determine available accommodations.