Safe, comfortable, well-appointed living spaces.

One of the most important aspects of your time at AUR will be your living arrangements: where you live, and who you live with. All AUR students have the option of living in university-owned accommodation, which is an apartment shared with other AUR students in one of the neighborhoods surrounding the university. All of our lodgings are close to the city center and are equipped with the full set of modern amenities, so you have all the convenience of private accommodation with the authentic experience of living in Rome.

As opposed to isolated dormitories, our apartments give you the opportunity to have a real taste of Italian life and to integrate into a community that you can call home. One of the best things about Rome is its diversity: each neighborhood has its own distinct feel, and all have plenty of characteristic cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. They are also picturesque, with bright, wide streets and large parks close by.

Each apartment houses between 4 and 9 students, and comprises of double or triple bedrooms, bathroom(s), kitchen, and living area. They are fully furnished, and kitchen equipment, bedding and towels are provided. While they vary in location, style and size, they are all bright, comfortable, and well connected to both AUR and the center of Rome.

Students can apply for accommodation once their application for the upcoming semester has been accepted.

We know that pictures say more than words can - so here are some pictures of our typical student accommodation

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