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2024 - 2025 Full catalog - Undergraduate

Fall 2024 Undergraduate Course Offerings

2024 - 2025 Full catalog - Graduate

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Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

The goals of վ’s General Education program are:

  1. to achieve a broad knowledge base drawn from multiple disciplines, typical of an վ Liberal Arts Education.
  2. to develop and strengthen basic skills which will prepare students upon graduation for a modern working environment and which will be adaptable to a rapidly evolving economy.
  3. to use Rome as a classroom and as an invaluable learning resource.
  4. to encourage active and responsible citizenship through knowledge of the forces shaping the actions of individuals and societies and through the development of critical thinking.
  5. to cultivate an awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity and its importance in personal and professional decision-making.

The goals of վ’s General Curriculum are:

  1. to gain deep disciplinary knowledge
  2. to acquire research or creative skills (as required by the student’s major(s))

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